Matteo Lunelli, CEO of Ferrari Trento—producer of sparkling wine in northern Italy— together with Stefano Domenicali—CEO of Formula One—jointly announced that Ferrari Trento will be the ‘official toast’ of the racing event for this year’s activities in Bahrain, as well as for all races during the next three years.

‘Your sparkling wine will flood everyone with joy,’ Domenicali announced.

The sparkling wine company was launched in 1902 in the autonomous Italian province of Trento by Giulio Ferrari, and passed to the Lunelli family mid-century. It is not the first association with vehicle racing for Ferrari. Although the company is distinct from, and unassociated with, the vehicle car producer of the same name, Lunelli mentioned how his grandfather had known car designer Enzo Ferrari (and at one time the companies had engaged in mutual promotion).

Lunelli says this new collaboration between the two brands reflects passion, innovation and ‘a search for excellence in every detail…We can say that Italian lifestyle steps onto the podium of Formula One.’

No doubt to minimize premature rumors of potential collaboration, both CEO’s had a semi-clandestine meeting on the Italian island of Sardinia in the past year to discuss the prospect, and to come to an agreement.

The wine on the podium will be a blanc-de-blanc—100% Chardonnay—presented in a three liter, or Jeroboam, bottle. This sparkling wine is made using the champenoise method, in which secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, rather than in any pressurized tank.

During our last meeting two years ago, Lunelli explained how their organically certified grapes obtain a signature taste from being grown on ‘mountain vineyards’ in the Trentino region of Italy.

The 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship beings March 28th in Bahrain.



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