Ex boxing coach who traded punches with kangaroo feared it would ‘mongrel’ him

Aussie Cliff Des gave the feisty roo a fair whack (Picture: Instagram/Balna/NineNews)

An Australia man whose unlikely boxing match with a rogue kangaroo went viral has spoken out about how he feared the animal would ‘mongrel me’.

Cliff Des, from New South Wales, explained that he wrestled the marsupial for ‘five minutes’ after ‘crash tackling’ it to the ground.

The former boxing trainer joked that the animal might have ‘mistaken me as one of his girls’ when asked if it could have been flirting.

But Cliff explained that after exchanging punches with the unusually aggressive individual, he realised he would stand a better chance on the ground – but after taking it down to the grass he was clawed in the face.

Footage of the incident shows him sprinting away from the animal – as two small dogs watch on, yapping from behind a fence – before he slips over and gets stomped on.

‘Where I landed I was fortunate enough to land on a stick’, Cliff told 9News’ Today Show.

‘But after three whacks it snapped like a carrot and I thought “this guy means business”.

‘He’s gonna mongrel me real good.’

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The former boxing coach wrestled the animal to the ground (Picture: Instagram/Balna)

The Ballina local explained that the brutal battle began when he approached the eastern grey after the ‘6ft buck roo’ attempted to ‘rip his little dog out of the yard’.

Listing his injuries, Cliff added: ‘He gouged me on the top of me head, he bit me finger, he shredded me down the arm a bit and he gored me in the back of the leg.’

When he eventually managed run away, the kangaroo continued to chase him.

Chanel Nine host Karl Stefanovic joked that perhaps the animal was trying to ‘flirt with him’.

The Australian replied: ‘I’m that good looking he might have mistaken me as one of his girls.’

But Cliff added that though he eventually escaped, the kangaroo – who emerged largely unharmed – kept trying to get his dogs for around 20 minutes after the fight.

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The Australian brawler joked that the kangaroo ‘might have mistaken me as one of his girls’ (Picture: Instagram/Balna)

The incident bears a striking resemblance to a famous video of an Australian dog owner smacking a kangaroo in the face to rescue his pet.

But wildlife experts say this sort of incident is extremely rare and kangaroos are normally calm and shy.

It is highly unusual for kangaroos to attack unless they feel threatened – but they can be dangerous if they do.

Australians are urged to treat the animals with respect and give them a wide berth.

Cliff suspects that a type of of grass, called Polaris, might have played a part in the aggressive behaviour.

But he stressed he had nothing against the ‘beautiful animals’ and labelled them an ‘Australian icon’.

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