Eric Trump is scared of brother Don Jr, filmmaker reveals

Trump documentary filmmaker Alex Holder has said that Eric Trump is scared of his older brother Donald Trump Jr.

The man behind the Unprecedented documentary took part in a “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit on Tuesday.

He said former President Donald Trump seemed to be “a very insecure man who depends on external adoration and can’t comprehend why he doesn’t get it. He also wears a huge amount of make up”.

“I think he finds it difficult to understand that there are people who actually don’t like him. This bothers him a lot. He is fine with people not liking him if he doesn’t like them first … but other than that he thinks he should be loved by everyone,” Mr Holder added in response to a separate question.

He said the 76-year-old was “obsessed with how he looked”.

Mr Holder had unparalleled access to the Trump family in the lead-up to, and for a period after, the 2020 election, which Mr Trump still falsely claims he won.

The filmmaker said Mr Trump “is incapable of believing anything other than him being a ‘winner’. He cannot accept that he lost and convinces himself that he won. It’s pretty extraordinary to witness up-close”.

The filmmaker’s footage was later subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot on January 6 2021.

When asked if Mr Trump “ever said racist things off camera,” Mr Holder simply responded “yes”.

“Eric seemed to be pretty scared of his older brother,” Mr Holder wrote when asked what “smaller moments” surprised him when he was around the Trumps.

“Eric is probably least like his father but I say this only because Don Jr and Ivanka are very similar to their old man,” Mr Holder said during the AMA.

“Eric was the friendliest. I don’t think Don Jr liked me very much. (Not sure why..!)” he added.

When asked why Eric Trump would be afraid of his older brother, Mr Holder said, “have you seen Don Jr???”

One Reddit user asked what he thought the former president’s intentions were for the hundreds of classified documents that he was found to have brought to his private Florida club Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House.

“I think he just wanted them because he thinks they belong to him!” Mr Holder said.

Another user asked if Mr Holder was a “fan” of the Trumps.

“I think it’s difficult to be a fan of anyone who undermines democracy and incites a mob to attack the Capitol,” Mr Holder said.

“How much did you get the sense that controlled chaos was a well-crafted strategy, or was it truly a s**t show with every day a new, unplanned catastrophe?” one user asked Mr Holder, who said it was a “total s**t show”.

When asked how he was treated by the Trumps and their staff, Mr Holder said, “it’s interesting, they are a real estate family from New York – so they are good at the charm and schmooze, but to be honest it’s pretty transparent”.


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