WASHINGTON, D.C. — At the edge of the Jefferson Memorial, a few feet away from the crashing tide of the tidal basin, stood Montez Sweat and Dwayne Haskins. Side by side on a makeshift podium, with microphones in their hand, Washington’s first-round picks practiced how they were going to introduce the team’s fourth-round pick.

“Can we say we’re here to introduce our new teammate?” the tandem asked members of the team’s public relations staff. “No, no, introduce yourselves, say hello from the Jefferson Memorial in D.C. and then read the prompt on the card.” Then the question became, “Where’s the card?” So a quick search for that ensued. Tony Wyllie, Washington’s senior vice president of communications, told Haskins and Sweat to both hold the card instead of passing it off because the wind might blow the card away.

This was the burgundy and gold’s first time introducing its first-round picks…



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