Bros fans, listen up. Your favorite West Coast coffee brand Dutch Bros has come out with two campout flavors for the remainder of summer, and they taste like liquid s’mores. The flavors — Iced Campout Cold Brew and Campout Mocha Freeze — are available at all Dutch Bros locations until the end of August, so hurry and sip ’em up before the leaves begin to change (or, if you’re in California, before the second phase of summer kicks in). The iced campout cold brew is a combination of cold brew, chocolate milk, and toasted ‘mallow flavor topped with Dutch Bros’ soft top and chocolate drizzle. The Mocha Freeze is a blended coffee drink topped with soft top and chocolate drizzle. If the description of these two drinks doesn’t have you drooling, we have one question for you: have you ever camped before? Head to your nearest Dutch Bros location to give these coffee blends a try for yourself!



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