Horse Racing

Dream Alliance and Endurance impress

MUMBAI: Dream Alliance and Endurance impressed when the horses were exercised here on Friday (Dec. 9) morning.

Inner sand:

600m: Dazzling Princess (Zameer) 42. Easy.

800m: Midas Touch (Bhawani) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. 2/y/o Star Gallery (Shubham), Jack Bauer (S.J. Sunil) 55, 600/41. Former ended five lengths in front. 2/y/o Neilina (Rupesh) 56, 600/42. Easy. 2/y/os Wild Hammer (S. Chinoy), Yawar (Mustakim) 57, 600/42. Pair level.

1000m: Augustus Caesar (Bhawani) 1-8, 800/54, 600/41. Moved well. 2/y/os Endurance (V. Bunde), Big Red (J. Chinoy) 1-7, 800/53, 600/39. Former was two lengths superior. Flying Halo (Saba), 2/y/o Pride’s Prince (Hamir) 1-8, 800/54, 600/41. They finished level freely. 2/y/os Dream Alliance (J. Chinoy), Opus Dei (V. Bunde) 1-5, 800/51, 600/38. Former made up four lengths and easily finished five lengths ahead. Note the former.


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