1. Acknowledge the moment.

You don’t have to play it cool. Admit to yourself, your caddie or your friends that you really care about this hole. Doing so can release some inner tension and help you refocus on tackling the task at hand.

2. Stick to your process.

The 18th hole is no time to try something brand-new. Stick with what got you here! Pick a target, visualize your shot and let it rip.

3. Conservative target, aggressive swing.

You don’t always have to finish off a good round by gunning for the pin or taking on a risky bunker. Choose a safe shot—but take an aggressive swing. Tentativeness is every golfer’s enemy.

4. Accept any result.

Golf never goes quite according to plan. You might finish a glorious 18th hole, or things might shoot sideways. Have the courage to accept any result and you’re more likely to like the one you get.

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