We all knew it was going to be a wild evening, but over the last half hour Joe Biden saw his betting odds fall from -170 down to their current rate of +185.

Donald Trump now is the -230 favorite to win the 2020 Presidential election at numerous betting sites across the web.

“Bettors are noticing that some of the early projections are not quite syncing up with the results flashing across the screen,” shared Dave Mason of BetOnline.

“Things always move quickly on election night, but its about all we can do to keep up with the action shift.”

Clay Travis of Outkick The Coverage was quick to remind everyone that this move mirrors that of the one we witnessed four years ago, only 15 minutes earlier.

Mason and his team had seen Trump as high as -260 (bet $260 to win $100), before falling back down to -200, signaling that these lines could shift back as more news develops.

With news cycles reporting that the early vote tends to lean blue, late counts are catching the eyes of bettors looking for a final chance to cash in on the shifts taking place in numerous swing states.

It ain’t over yet, but do remember that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton each held large leads the day before the election. History has a tendency to repeat itself.

And just like that…

Per the Election Betting Odds Tracker at OddsShark, Trump was last at minus odds in September, and his current odds are higher than those he enjoyed prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus.



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