Vik and Rebecca managed to get the ring back (Picture: Shiv Patel/Akshay Makwana/Triangle News)

Vik Patel had spent months planning the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Rebecca Chaukria – but as he popped the question at a romantic spot by a Lake Windermere, the £4,500 ring fell off her finger and into the water.

They tried using magnets and Vik dived in to try to find it but couldn’t see anything.

Luckily, driver Angus Hosking offered to help… and found it within 20 minutes.

Now, Rebecca, 26, has the ring securely back on her hand.

Business intelligence developer, Vik, 25, of Edmonton, north London, said: ‘I had been planning to propose for the last eight to nine months, this was finally take five.

‘I had planned quite a few different things but due to Covid restrictions everything kept on getting cancelled.

‘On the Saturday evening the weather was really good, we were quite lucky it was a really nice sunset backdrop.

‘I got down on one knee and we got some lovely pictures.’

He said: ‘We were just on the edge of the wooden jetty over Lake Windermere, we were sitting down and taking a few shots.

Vik proposing to Rebecca (Picture: Shiv Patel/Akshay Makwana/Triangle News)

‘But as we stood up the ring slid off her finger and fell into the lake, it must have been about two metres.

‘At that point I was literally in a suit stripping off right away, I just wanted to jump in and get it and I could just about see it.’

Vik’s brother in law – a photographer who had agreed to snap shots of the happy couple – suggested using the magnet on the end of his tripod to try and hoist the ring out.

‘It was at this point that we had completely lost visibility of it,’ Vik said.

He added: ‘After trying to propose for this long, and it finally did happen then after proposing we have just lost the ring.

‘All I wanted to do was just get that ring back.’

Refusing to give up, Vik went to a nearby shop and bought some goggles so he could dive in and find the ring – but he couldn’t see it.

The engagement ring (Picture: Triangle News)

He explained: ‘I got a bit of cold water shock, I was making sure that I didn’t step anywhere near where the ring had dropped but I couldn’t see it at all.

‘After about 20 minutes I was shivering and my girlfriend just told me to come out now and get someone to help.’

At their hotel, they noticed a watersports shop and an employee there told them about Lake District Diving.

The team of freedivers scour the lakes retrieving lost items and helping to clean away litter and environment harming debris in the northwestern waters.

Vik said: ‘I got through to one of the divers Angus on the phone and he was absolutely brilliant, such a kind-hearted gentleman.

‘He was explaining that this does happen and told us he couldn’t promise anything but he would try his best.

‘Angus went into the lakes and within about 20 minutes he just appeared from the water with a smile and said “I think we have it”.

Angus finding the ring (Picture: Shiv Patel/Akshay Makwana/Triangle News)

‘He was just slowly taking all of the debris out of the scoop they used and amongst all this debris was a sparkling ring.

‘I was so happy. I was speechless. I had kind of lost hope because it was so mushy underneath the lake and with the current and the water pressure it might have moved.

‘But Angus managed to find it, I was so happy.’

Vik was overjoyed to be able to head back to the Langdale Chase Hotel to return the ring to his new fiancé.

‘Rebecca was just really really happy, she had been so stressed out,’ Vik said.

‘Lake District Diving are doing some brilliant work, they’re helping anyone and everyone to try and find and recover whatever they lose, as well as trying to create a sustainable future for us as well.

‘And they do it all out of the kindness of their hearts.’

Vik and Rebecca getting the ring back from Angus (Picture: Triangle News)

Angus, 22, said: ‘We have been freediving for around three and half years now.

‘That exact spot on the lake where the ring was lost, we had only dived one time previously – so we didn’t know it well.

‘The visibility underwater was at best half a meter, making it challenging, but it took me roughly 20 minutes once I got in the water to find it.’

He added: ‘We love to help people as much as we can, and as we’re not a business and our primary focus is to clean up litter from the lakes throughout the lake district, we may as well use our love of freediving to also help people in a time of need.

‘We find quite a lot of different things, we found a ring in the past that we didn’t get asked to find and just came across it. We haven’t been able to find the owner – but we still have it!

‘We also find lots of phones, watches and sunglasses. We found an iPhone 11pro a few weeks ago.

‘It had been in the lake for two weeks I think.

‘We posted it on our Facebook page and within a day or two we had found the owner and returned it back to him – and it worked!’

Lake District Diving is a voluntary organization, you can donate here to help fund their work.

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