Discover Incredible Wellness And Nature Experiences At Arizona’s Castle Hot Springs

In a world so connected, immersive travel experiences in nature are the ultimate luxury. As travelers look to go off the grid and prioritize an active practice of self-care, Arizona’s 1,100-acre Castle Hot Springs uses the unique elements of its surroundings to bring to life a slate of new immersive nature driven wellness and adventure experiences that showcase the best of what the verdant desert oasis has to offer this season. From a wild west adventure on horseback, to revitalizing soaks in the majestic thermal hot springs, these new experiences encourage guests to disconnect from their everyday stresses as they nourish the mind, body and soul.

Wellness Through Water

Centered around mineral-rich hot springs which have been naturally forged into the, Wellness Through Water provides a new way for guests to immerse themselves further with the environment. The naturally occurring minerals within the water are a crucial element throughout a stay and a natural conduit for guests to connect and restore by maximizing the benefits of the hot springs. For example, the Watsu Pool Treatment, which is a blend of water and shiatsu massage, is performed in the mineral rich hot springs, allowing guests to feel weightless and let go of whatever they may be holding on to in order to reach a new level of relaxation.

Western Days

A desert oasis where Old West meets contemporary luxury in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Western Days provides guests an opportunity to practice their cowboy skills with classic Arizona activities including a Horseback Ride. Private trail rides through the Sonoran Desert offer guests an opportunity to learn about the property’s legendary history as they see local wildlife.

Zen Wellness

The individualized Zen Wellness package, offers an inclusive and regenerative experience that is customized and tailored to each guest’s unique preference and needs. Participants will be gently guided on an internal journey toward a more balanced lifestyle that will extend well beyond their stay through individualized programming, including;

  • Four hours of private, one-on-one elemental and astral assessments alongside balancing protocols from master-level instructors with classes chosen from the Intentional Wellness Menu
  • Extensive Massage Credit towards treatments of your choice with Castle Hot Springs’ expert massage therapists in an outdoor cabana ($245 value)
  • Guidance on maintaining balance in your everyday life post-stay
  • In addition to all the amenities and discoveries that are part of an inclusive stay at Castle Hot Springs

Adventure Experience

Thrill seekers will enjoy two brand new invigorating outdoor excursions, allowing guests access to areas of the Sonoran Desert that few have gone before, including;

  • Crater Canyon Guided Tour: Hike to a remote slot canyon while learning about the surrounding ecosystem from a private guide, as you enjoy the splendid vistas and see the years unfold in layers of geology that tell a fascinating story of history.
  • Guided e-Bike Tour: Glide up the hills and through the canyons with ease on fit tire bikes with knowledgeable guides leading you through the pristine landscape to scenic outlooks, historic stops.

Upcoming 2023 Sleep Retreats

In addition to the adventures listed above, Castle Hot Springs will welcome back revered sleep researcher and author Dr. Rebecca Robbins for the next iteration of the property’s exclusive series of two upcoming Sleep Retreats (January 5-8, 2023 and May 18-21, 2023).

Each 3-night Sleep Retreat—centered on reforming your sleep—will be an immersive experience for guests to learn more about their own sleep patterns and make life changing-habits through discussions, strategies, sleep meditations, and centering activities (think: circadian-boosting yoga, hikes and walks, a farm tour, etc.) designed to help achieve the increasingly unattainable daily luxury of uninterrupted rest.


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