The exciting part of the Devils’ marathon offseason is almost here. This past week, the NHL announced the draft and start of free agency will take place sooner than expected, in part because the 2020 playoffs are moving along efficiently. The draft will be Oct. 6-7, and the free agency period will start two days later.

Locally, the Devils named Mark Recchi as assistant coach. He will work with the forwards and run the power play. Recchi spent the past three seasons in that same role with the Penguins, and we looked at how the power play worked for Pittsburgh with Recchi in charge and how that might translate to the Devils.

The mailbag this week includes questions about New Jersey’s free agency strategy, a couple of intriguing UFA defensemen, what the 2020-21 season might look like for fans around the league and a lot more.

Let’s dig in.

(Note: Submitted questions have been edited for clarity and length.)

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