Demi Lovato Debuts Romance With Musician Jutes During NYC Outing

Demi opened up about the new album during a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1. “Everything that I write about comes from personal experiences,” the two-time Grammy nominee said. “I had gone through a rough time last year. I went back to treatment.”

Demi said some of the songs reflect the anger she felt after she left treatment and had “all of this unresolved trauma” that she was starting to address, noting, “It’s OK to be angry and feel those things.” The “Skyscraper” star also said she wrote songs that “were really empowered in my sexuality” and love songs, including “4 Ever 4 Me” which is “about falling in love with someone.” 

“I actually haven’t written love songs in a long time,” she continued. “If I go through my catalog, there’s maybe like three or four love songs in the past few albums. But actually writing a song about, hey, I’m in love with you. I found it. Like, that has not existed in a lot of my music. And so I started feeling these feelings and I was like, I have to get them out of my chest. And I wanted to write a song that was inspired by ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls…and I wrote it. And my whole heart is in that song.”

When asked if she’s played the song for “the gentleman in question,” Demi replied, “Yes! Of Course.”  

“This person understands music really well,” she added, “and so I would send even the roughs or the demos. I just send it to him and then await on my phone and be like, ‘Ahhh!’ But when I was done, I got to play it with him, and it was just a really beautiful moment. Like, who let these butterflies in here?…There were so many my stomach was going to explode.”


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