Delayed Batmobile order sees automaker charged with felonies

A delayed order for a Batmobile allegedly prompted a customer to tap his friend — a northern California sheriff —  to press charges against the automaker.

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos reportedly authorized detectives last month to fly to Indiana to raid the garage of Fiberglass Freaks in Logansport, according to a report from KGO-TV in San Francisco.

Shop owner Mark Racop was charged with obtaining money by false pretenses and diversion of construction funds in California, both of which are felonies. He also had his bank account frozen and spent an hour in a local jail.

All because customer Sam Anagnostou wasn’t happy with being moved to the back of the waiting list.

Mr. Racop told KGO that Mr. Anagnostou agreed to pay $210,000 for his Batmobile, but missed a $20,000 payment “and he disappeared on me for over eight, almost nine months.”

That meant Mr. Anagnostou had to wait nearly two more years for the shop — the only one licensed by DC Comics to make Batmobiles — to finish the order.

“He didn’t like that, he exploded,” Mr. Racop told the station.

Mr. Anagnostou attempted to file charges, but the San Mateo County District Attorney declined to bring charges and the San Mateo County Superior Court judge dismissed the case, saying it was only appropriate in Indiana.

Sources at the sheriff’s department told KGO that Mr. Anagnostou asked Sheriff Bolanos, his Facebook friend, to step in. That’s when four detectives were flown out to the Hoosier state for the July 19 raid.

The San Mateo County deputy district attorney explained to the station that through additional investigation, “detectives were able to obtain search warrants and obtain additional evidence.”

Mr. Racop, who is a minister for the non-denominational Yorktown Road Church of Christ, has his hearing date scheduled for Aug. 19. 


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