Debra Messing Is Reportedly “Fed Up” With Joe Biden

Will & Grace star Debra Messing, who has become something of a backroom celebrity operative for the Democratic party, reportedly said on a call last Monday that she is “fed up” with President Joe Biden in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and the president admitting there’s little he can do about it. Of course, she’s not the only one: Her words encapsulate the growing national mood at this point, and suspicions that Biden is not rising to the challenge of the moment.

As BuzzFeed’s David Mack said on Twitter, “we lost debra messing, joe.”

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The actress was reportedly summoned for a “fatalistic” call with White House aides and the advocacy group Build Back Better Together last Monday, according to CNN. The network reported that Messing complained that “she’d gotten Joe Biden elected” and “wanted to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there didn’t even seem a point to voting.” In a classic Democratic move of style (or lack thereof) over substance, participants on the call were reportedly contacted later that afternoon “with a list of basic talking points and suggestions of Biden speech clips to share on TikTok.” To be clear, this call was meant to coordinate a response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. The best that the White House had to offer was, it seems, some TikToks.


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