• The data firm Dealroom ranked the top venture-capital firms investing in Series A rounds globally.
  • Sequoia Capital, Accel, and Index Ventures topped the list, marking the dominance of US funds.
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Silicon Valley continues to dominate global tech investing.

The data firm Dealroom published data Wednesday ranking the top venture-capital firms investing at Series A, the point at which startups take their significant VC funding.

The ranking indicates that US funds still over-index when it comes to successfully identifying and funding firms with the potential to attain multibillion-dollar valuations.

Dealroom assigned points to firms based on the number of startups valued at $1 billion in their portfolios, including those that have a confirmed valuation through an initial public offering or sale. More speculatively, it assigned points based on estimated “futurecorns,” startups whose valuation exceeds $250 million, again including those that have exited. Finally, Dealroom accorded points based on how actively the fund had invested in 2020.

Only one European investor was among the 10 most prominent investors globally — Index Ventures, which has bases in San Francisco and London and backed giants like Facebook, Etsy, and Dropbox. In Europe, it has backed the neobank Revolut and the payments firm Adyen.

Yoram Wijngaarde, the founder and CEO of Dealroom, said the fact that numerous top US funds had set up shop in Europe over the past 18 months meant the continent was “firmly on the global investor map.”

Here are the top 10 VC funds globally, according to Dealroom:



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