The New Orleans Pelicans are reportedly open to trading Jrue Holiday and executive vice president David Griffin seemed to confirm the rumors, while also saying that it’s possible Holiday stays with the team.

“We’re trying to build a team that can be highly competitive today and build towards a sustainable future,” Griffin explained. “And if that means Jrue is a part of that, that’s special for us because he loves being with us and we love the way he plays. If the best way to build towards that future and the best way to put him in the best position to succeed is for him to be traded, then that’s what ends up happening.”

Holiday has spent the last seven seasons with the Pelicans but at age 30, he may not be an ideal fit with the young, talented core the team is building around. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson are all younger than 24 and while they are unquestionably an exciting team, it’s unlikely they will be contending in the near future. 

And with Holiday set to make more than $53 million over the next two years, the Pelicans may want to save some cap space and exchange Holiday for some picks or promising young prospects. If they are serious about trading Holiday, they should not have any problem finding trade partners, as Holiday would be an ideal piece for any number of teams that might feel they are one move away from competing for a title.



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