India records 357,229 new daily cases and 3,449 deaths; US daily cases fall to lowest average since October; Germany cancels Oktoberfest

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Here’s our report from Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Delhi on the latest on the Covid crisis in India:

India has passed a grim milestone of 20 million Covid-19 cases amid growing calls for the country to go into a national lockdown.

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7.31am BST

Good morning from London, it is Martin Belam here. Overnight, Dan Diamond at the Washington Post has an interesting piece looking at vaccine hesitancy in the US, and the factors that drive people to change their minds. A new publicity drive to try and reassure people about the shots is getting underway in the US this week. Diamond writes:

The emergence of these mind-changers suggests that at least some vaccine-wary Americans are willing to reconsider when their concerns are addressed by those they regard as credible.

19 former skeptics joined a focus group last week and their conversions have drawn intense interest from White House officials and public health experts, hoping to re-create those moments for the tens of millions of Americans who remain in the “no” camp.

Alice Chen, a senior adviser for the vaccine equity advocacy organization Made to Save, credited the wave of efforts trying to win over holdouts, saying the cumulative effects laid the ground for breakthroughs.

“Almost all of them changed their mind because somebody they love told them to, because they saw people around them getting vaccinated,” Chen said. “I think that piece is so much more important than I think I even realized, going into this.”

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