The Morrison government is committing an additional $15.6bn to expand the jobkeeper program. Around $13bn of that will go into Victoria. We’ll see hundreds of thousands of more Victorian workers now using the jobkeeper program.

We’re making two major changes. One is to the business turnover test. The other is to the eligibility employee test.

When it comes to the business turnover test, previously, in order to be eligible as a business for the December quarter, you needed to be down in both the June and the September quarters. We’re now saying that you need to be just down in the September quarter.

This will take into account those businesses that were doing OK through April, May and June but have obviously been subject to lockdown now.

The second change is around the employee eligibility. In order to be eligible for the jobkeeper program, the employee needs to be on the business’s books as of 1 July. Previously, it was 1 March.

Again, this change means more people can access the program because as businesses were starting to open up, as progress was made on the health front, more employees were coming on the books of businesses.

Now of course, they’re being subject to lockdown. So this will allow the jobkeeper program to cover them.



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