Coronavirus Australia live update: aged care Covid failures criticised as speculation over Victoria lockdown extension

Frankly, things that should have been done a year ago, when it became clear what a toxic combination it was to get aged care homes together with Covid. Some of the things I’d just point to – the Federal Government promised us that by March every single aged care resident and every single aged care worker would be fully vaccinated.

They have not met that target by any stretch of the imagination. So, there’s obviously a huge urgency here to vaccinate residents.

The thing that has been completely stuffed up though is the vaccination of aged care workers.

The Government initially gave us this commitment that aged care workers would be vaccinated. They didn’t deliver on it and, in fact, have left aged care workers on their own to manage their own vaccinations and, as a consequence, very few have been vaccinated.

So, I think we need to be looking there. And, of course, we’ve got this ridiculous situation where, still today, aged care workers in Victoria are working across multiple sites. That is because endemic issues face the workforce in aged care where a lot of people just have to work multiple sites to make ends meet.


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