Now, under the three-step plan, it wasn’t until step three that it was envisaged that there would be interstate travel.

Now, whether you have a border or you don’t have a border formally put in place, step three of the plan, which was expected to be in place in July, is when that was expected to be the case.

Now, I note that all states and territories are working towards that, whether they have borders or not.

But the truth is, and I’m sure, and this was discussed [at national cabinet], that it’s preferable to be able to be in a situation where you don’t have borders [closed] as soon as possible because, obviously, that means that the tourism industries in particular and particularly with school holidays coming up might be able to benefit from that travel.

So, I think we’ve got to keep the issue in perspective. We don’t agree on everything. Not everyone always does. It would be a bit weird if they did in a democracy.

And we have to bear in mind that in the vast majority of cases, the states and territories have worked very well with the commonwealth on these issues and I still remain absolutely optimistic that common sense will ultimately prevail on the timetable that national cabinet has set out.



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