Commanders QB Sam Howell reveals his odd chicken-based diet

Sam Howell has yet to take a single snap for the Washington Commanders, but some are probably already thinking that the team made the wrong pick.

Howell, who was drafted by the Commanders in the fifth round this year, revealed this week that he only eats chicken. The 21-year-old QB does not eat burgers or steaks (both of which he has never tried) or seafood, per The Athletic. Howell also said that he orders chicken tenders at steakhouses and brings his own tenders to team dinners.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with going for some succulent chicken tenders, preferably from Raising Cane’s or Popeye’s. But eating chicken every single meal has to get pretty boring at some point, and ordering chicken tenders at a steakhouse sounds like a borderline felony.

The Commanders have some big hopes for Howell in his rookie season, but it is unclear if they will re-evaluate that in light of his eating habits. At least Howell attended North Carolina for college and not this powerhouse school whose head coach is very anti-chicken.


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