Commanders fan hilariously starts GoFundMe to help team pay Terry McLaurin

Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin continues to holdout for a contract extension. It’s anyone’s guess as to why a new deal hasn’t been struck. But, if cash flow is the hold up, one Commanders fan believes it has a solution.  

As pointed out by NBC Sports Washington’s Pete Hailey, a Commanders fan started a GoFundMe page aimed to help the team pay McLaurin on a new deal.

The goal is set at $23M. However, it may take more than that. Then again, every penny counts right?

The fan is more than likely looking at the annual average value of McLaurin’s potential new deal. The wide receiver market skyrocketed this offseason, and $23M could be the AAV for McLaurin, although some would say $25M could be the benchmark.

Nonetheless, the Commanders will surely need more than $23M. The team will have to cover any guaranteed money set for McLaurin. Fellow 2019 draftee wide receiver A.J. Brown will receive $57.2M in guarantees on his four-year, $100 million extension with the Philadelphia Eagles. He received $23.2M at signing.

Commanders head coach Ron Rivera remains optimistic a new deal with McLaurin will be reached. Rivera went as far to rule out a trade being the resolution for the team. McLaurin in the meantime appears intent on staying away from the team as leverage.

One thing is certain, each passing day makes fans more antsy. Fans value McLaurin highly. He’s a team captain, and in his first three seasons has been the team’s best offensive player. Commanders fans want the popular receiver to remain with the team for the long haul at all cost.


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