Commanders awarded sports wagering license, plan sportsbook at FedEx Field

The Washington Commanders are going to jump head first into the sports betting world after getting awarded a license to open a sportsbook at their home venue.

On Wednesday, ESPN gambling analyst David Payne Purdum reported that the Maryland State Lottery & Gaming Control Commission had opened the door wide open for the Commanders to have a big-time new revenue source for home games.

In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that made sports betting illegal outside of gambling hot spots like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The ruling was a boon for online betting across the country and seemingly cleared a path for sports franchises to possibly mine the $160 billion industry for more revenue.

The Commanders will now be among the first major sports franchises to have an active sportsbook inside their stadium while the local team is out on the field playing in a professional football game. However, does that mean Commanders fans can cheer for the team while betting on or against them inside FedEx Field?

Fans may assume that they will not be allowed to bet on Commanders games inside FedEx Field, however, Payne Purdum confirmed in a separate tweet on Wednesday that supporters can indeed bet games taking place at the venue on game day.

iGaming NEXT sports betting expert and contributor Ryan Butler reported on Wednesday that the Maryland commission’s plans for online sports betting won’t kickoff in the state until early in 2023.

“We now know officially that Maryland’s online sports betting launch won’t come by the 2022 NFL season opener; state regulators said today they are trying to get mobile sportsbooks live before this upcoming season’s Super Bowl.”

Whether the Commanders will, or are allowed to, get their gambling operation up and running before statewide mobile betting is live is unclear.


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