CLEMSON, S.C. — In the near year-and-a-half since Dabo Swinney last spoke with reporters face-to-face, everything — and yet nothing at all — has changed inside of Clemson’s football facility.

As of this month, name, image and likeness is in full effect for the Tigers and their peers. Like it or not — and Swinney does not — the College Football Playoff is on the brink of expansion. Player vaccination rates are being discussed, and the transfer portal is just as chaotic as Swinney thought it’d be.

And yet, Swinney could be found on Tuesday afternoon at the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex grabbing a piece of red velvet cake at lunch with a childlike grin because the 51-year-old has always had a sweet tooth. He cracked jokes about how no one can hear each other on Zoom half the time and threw out one-liners that made it obvious he watched the ever-popular “Ted Lasso” series with the rest of us.



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