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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  BC-based net-zero mining services start-up Tersa Earth Innovations congratulates its founder and CEO, Dr. Vikram Yadav, for being named among Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.

Aged 37, Vikram is one of Canada’s leading experts on synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology, and an Associate Professor in the University of British Columbia’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. He has been recognized by Caldwell Partners for the 2021 award for his work applying research excellence to real-world problems. Prior to its acquisition by Allonia, a Bill-Gates backed innovation firm, earlier this year, Vikram founded and led oil sands tailings treatment company Metabolik.

“This award is an honour. It affirms the value of leveraging the latest research and innovation towards high-impact solutions in industry and society,” Vikram said. Founded in early 2021, Tersa applies the cutting edge of advances in synthetic biology and process engineering to solve the growing problem of mining wastewater.

Vikram emphasized Tersa’s potential for broad impact: “Our technology will revolutionize mining. It will unlock business opportunities and enable action on climate change.” In addition to being a scientist and entrepreneur, Vikram is a committed parent to five-year-old Areen and two-year-old Vivaan, along with his wife Manali. “My mission is to apply the best available science to humanity’s most significant challenge: securing a cleaner, sustainable world for future generations,” he added.

A year of acute climate uncertainty has shown Canadians and the world that energy transition solutions are urgently needed – in every sector. Mining will be a core part of the global path to net zero, from supplying the world with minerals and metals necessary for the shift away from fossil fuels, to achieving meaningful reductions in industrial emissions. An economy supported by competitive mining exports will also further Canada’s ability to pay for climate-readiness.

Today, status quo approaches to remediation mean high emissions, environmental risk, and lost value in unrecovered wastewater metals. Tersa’s award-winning laboratory team, led by Vikram and UBC-graduate Arjun Bhagwat, has developed a superior treatment process. To bring the technology to commercial readiness, the company has been granted support from the federally-funded Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), as well as the federal Youth Employment Strategy.

Canada’s mining sector has led the world in quickly adopting new technologies, and it has the capacity to supply the raw materials necessary for widespread decarbonization. Stewart Muir, Chief Business Development Officer and co-founder, said, “Vikram takes a cross-disciplinary approach that should inspire a new generation seeking to solve humanity’s greatest problems. We’ve had lots of talk and now it’s time for action.”

Co-founder and energy policy commentator Margareta Dovgal has provided expert testimony to the House of Commons on Canadian mining abroad. “Our planet needs energy transformation. Vikram and his team have transformative ideas that will not only advance Canada’s reputation as a global leader in net-zero mining, but also ensure that the metals and minerals needed for electrification can be sustainably supplied,” she noted.

Now in the active R&D phase at Tersa’s Burnaby, BC laboratory, the team aims to turn the technology towards real-world impact as soon as possible. “We aim to be in the field by 2023. And not a moment too soon: more and more mining waste is produced every year as demand for mining products grows,” said Engineering Lead Arjun Bhagwat.

“Vikram’s leadership has meant a progressive and inclusive culture on our team from the very start,” said Barinder Rasode, co-founder and business development advisor to Tersa. “My years in business and politics have shown me that making the impossible possible requires diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills.”

Beyond Tersa and what promises to be a full plate for the coming year, Vikram has also recently undertaken work on a net-zero technologies accelerator and venture fund, REACT Zero Carbon Corp. “Whichever way we do it, innovative solutions across a range of industries and applications are urgently needed to address climate change,” he said. “I’m proud to be working on these opportunities with some of the brightest minds in engineering, research, policy, and business.”

Dr. Vikramaditya Yadav, Chief Executive Officer
Barinder Rasode, Business Development Advisor
Stewart Muir, Chief Business Development Officer
Arjun Bhagwat, Engineering Lead
Margareta Dovgal, Communications and Policy Manager

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Tara Foslien

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