Bachelorette Clare Crawley didn’t see this coming. 

Earlier this week, fiancé Dale Moss announced on Instagram that he and Clare had decided to end their engagement. And now, Clare is explaining why she initially remained silent about the news. “I was made aware of a ‘mutual’ statement at the same time you all were,” Clare wrote to her followers Jan. 21, “so I’ve needed some time to really digest this.”

The California native went on to note that her intentions with her and Dale’s relationship have always been “very clear” and that she’s “crushed” by the split.

“This was not what I expected or hoped for and am still trying to process this,” she continued. “2020 was one hell of a year, with covid, battling severe anxiety post-show, balancing a public new relationship, all while slowly losing my mother. It hasn’t been ideal circumstances, but that is life right. I have been looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.”



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