Celtics threw the kitchen sink at the Nets, but Kyrie Irving never backed down

The Brooklyn Nets present a paradox whenever they play up to their overwhelming talent level. Four games into the series, Celtics coach Brad Stevens knows how he wants to guard them, how he wants to counter their adjustments and whom he wants to try in each moment.

But there is always this quandary against a red-hot team: stick with the scouting report or throw it out the window? Stevens tried everything and everyone Sunday night, but none of it mattered. Regardless of scheme, personnel or luck, the Nets played as if they were seeing right through the defense.

Stevens always talks about how the game is all about tipping your cap when your opponent makes a great play and moving on to the next one. But what do you do when your cap is in your hands the entire game?

“We made a lot of adjustments, and the adjustments were worse because what that did was that separated the game,” he said.


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