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Catherine Losing’s DIY seed trays – in pictures

Lincolnshire-born photographer Catherine Losing started her seed tray project as a lockdown necessity. “I couldn’t get hold of any, so I decided to sacrifice my back issues of British Vogue and i-D magazine for the veg patch. Making containers out of rolled pages worked better than expected and saves loads of plastic, so I always do it now. It wasn’t until I lined up all the seedlings to plant them that I thought: ‘This looks like a weird trend forecast.’” And it’s hard not to look for meaning in her series of still lifes of optimistic shoots. Losing says that even though she’d choose new gardening clogs over designer heels, she’s still fascinated to see how the different brands get on over the growing season. “I like that a snail got to Louis Vuitton this year. A premonition, maybe?”


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