Let me begin by saying thank you for following my coverage of the Capitals throughout this wacky season and for sending in smart questions each time I’ve solicited them for a mailbag.

There were 50-plus submissions for this one, and there was a lot of overlap. Because of that, I grouped the questions into categories in an effort to keep it orderly and divided the mailbag in half. I’ll post Part 2 tomorrow. I also had to trim a few redundant questions to keep things moving along.

Let’s go.

Note: Questions have been edited for clarity, length and style.

Are we looking at a rebuild or a reload? How many players under 26 are going to get a chance next year for serious playing time? — Evan D

The window was 1-2 years more after the Cup run in 2018, and the error of not recognizing that was compounded with the hiring of (Todd) Reirden for those two years.



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