Capcom has faced another security breach among its systems and it has had enough, especially with its online, work-from-home setup which was subjected to major hacks and threats against the company. The company’s solution for this is to make their employees report on-site and back to the old setup where they meet face-to-face.

Capcom Security Breach

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Naturally, this is a massive health concern for CAPCOM and their headquarters in Osaka, Japan, but still pushes to do so despite the many health implications that it brings. Moreover, this is a close breach against the Japanese gaming company which has been hit with a ransomware attack called the “Ragnar Locker” last November. 

The attack is a significant one against CAPCOM, especially as it threatened to leak files from the company, particularly with the upcoming sequel to one of their massive gaming franchises, “Resident Evil VIII.” Back then, “RE:8 The Village” was only on speculations and leaks, without any reveals or discussions from the gaming company.

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CAPCOM Security Breach Forces Employees to On-Site Work


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The threat of COVID-19 has forced people to clamor to homes and face restrictive lockdowns that prevent them from engaging in social events or in the public to help avoid and stem the transmission of the virus. Companies were forced to observe lockdown restrictions as well, but it is business-as-usual so they have to migrate work online. 

Capcom Osaka was also observing this until its recent controversy that forced people to report on-site and risking the transmission of the virus which has plagued the nation for a year now. According to Kotaku on Friday, March 12, as translated from Business Journal Japan, Osaka is in a state of emergency due to a rapid outbreak of cases, but Capcom is still forcing employees to report to work. 

The company argued that it was because of a security breach that they cannot fix, particularly with online and remote working situations among hundreds of its employees. The risk of COVID-19 infection is still at large and people fear that this may be the case within Capcom if it continues to call upon its employees on site. 

Capcom: Security Overhaul?


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Capcom needs to work on its security system instead of forcing people to report to work, which is riskier as its operations highly depend on human output and manpower. With Capcom US and its entire network already facing the “Ragnar Locker” ransomware and the most recent breach, online security should be their top priority. 

The November breach among Capcom’s system has already cost them a massive 1TB of employee and customer data, along with several game files and information that could potentially dent the company’s integrity. Despite this, Capcom argued that it is prioritizing its employees’ health by providing a healthy working environment within its site. 

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