Moments can be fun, just like they can be excruciating.

But moments can’t define a young player as he tries to find his way in the NHL.

Cole Caufield has had two wondrous moments the past two games, giving the Canadiens the win in overtime both times to complete late comebacks. Those were fun moments, but they don’t necessarily define what Caufield will eventually become in the NHL. Yes, he has a tremendous shot that will serve him very well in the NHL, much like it served him Monday night when he beat Jack Campbell off the right post to defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime 3-2.

But there is more to his game, and he will have to prove he can be about more than moments playing three-on-three hockey to earn a regular job and regular ice time in the NHL. He is doing that right now, but despite the two moments, he still has a ways to go.



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