No 49ers fan wants to see a dreadful season, but the team’s struggles have led to some excellent questions — questions about the future at quarterback, defensive back and how, after revamping the training and medical staffs, the team’s injury issues have gotten worse.

Here are your questions. And congratulations to Landon P., who won a copy of my very last giveaway book. Landon has sent me back to the downtown San Jose Post Office, motto: I hate my job; do you want stamps?

Landon P. asks: Do you think the organization has what it takes to rebound from this start? Not just this season but in the future as well? I know the circumstances are different, but it almost feels like ’14-’15 again. Rapid success, steep drop off. What is different this time around?

That’s the theme of my 49ers book that came out today: The 21st century has been all about impressive rises and dizzying descents for the 49ers. What’s different this…



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