This has been an entertaining Warriors season so far, even if — and maybe because — the team is middling. A middling team is a constant source of analysis because something is always going wrong and something is always going right. Week after week, Steph Curry is transcending the “going right” category, consistently shining far brighter on this 19th-ranked offense than everything around him. There have been heated discussions among fans in our comments and on Twitter over how Steve Kerr should get more from Curry. Should Steph spend more time on the ball? Should Steph get increased minute totals? These are often the main topics after losses, at least.

Kerrism and Curry

There’s a lot of debate about Steve Kerr’s preferences among the fanbase, absent much explanation of why those preferences exist. That’s not to say that the Kerr-critical fans are necessarily wrong. The offense is scuffling outside of Curry and doesn’t…



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