In cooperation with the HBPA of Alberta, the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Alberta Division) is able to offer owners of Alberta-bred Thoroughbreds who have bonuses from races run from June through August the ability to access their 2020 Owners’ Bonus and put it towards any yearling at the upcoming Alberta CTHS Thoroughbred sale.

The CTHS will let interested owners’ know what their available funds are based on the bonus being paid at 20 percent. The owner will indicate the amount they wish to access and at the time of the sale those funds would be deducted from the sale price and the balance paid by the purchaser. Owners do not have to access the full bonus amount if they do not choose to do so.

The CTHS will submit the request for the owners’ bonus funds to the HBPA with an accounting of each owner and the amount of the 2020 Owners’ Bonus they have requested to access.

To find out how much your Owner’s Bonus entails, call or email the CTHS Alberta office.



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