Brompton Turns London Gas Station Into Bike-Promoting Pop-Up For Car Free Day

For September 22—World Car Free Day—British folding bike maker Brompton has created a “haven for cyclists” in a former gas station in central London.

The promotion, said a statement from the London-based manufacturer, “encourages us to question how we can reshape our urban spaces to support the reduction of carbon emissions.”

The temporary installation featured test ride facilities for both standard and electric Brompton folding bikes, a Brompton Bike Hire dock, a consultation station staffed by the climate charity Possible, and refreshments for quizzical commuters.

As fuel prices remain high, the company was also seeking to highlight the high cost of driving compared to that of cycling.

World Car Free Day is an opportunity for towns and cities around the world to enable people to experience streets free of motor traffic and re-imagine their local environment.

“For too long, our cities have been dominated by the most inefficient mode of transport, the private car,” said Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams.

“At Brompton, we have long sought to highlight the benefits that increased levels of cycling and walking would bring to society and what better way to do that, than to totally re-imagine a space formerly used as a [gas] station,” he added.

Hirra Khan Adeogun, head of Car Free Cities at Possible, agreed: “So much of our public space is dominated by private cars—to address the climate crisis and make our cities happier, healthier places to live we need to reduce the amount of cars on our roads and liberate space for people and communities.”

Brompton bikes are made in London and sold in 47 countries. The company produces over 70,000 bikes a year. There are fifteen Brompton Junction retail stores in cities across the world, including London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Milan, Kobe, Hamburg, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Munich, Valencia, New York, Melbourne, Tel Aviv and Singapore.


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