British Equestrian, the national governing body for horse sports in the UK, has lifted its EHV-1 quarantine requirements. Horses can now return to the country without being isolated from other horses.

The quarantine was put in place in March after EHV-1 cases were linked to competitions in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. All horses that had competed in the shows or those that had been exposed to horses that competed in the shows have shown no clinical signs of EHV since returning home. 

British Equestrian’s Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group (EIDAG) has concluded that the possibility of an EHV-associated disease outbreak has returned to its typical level. They note that there will continue to be infrequent outbreaks of EHV in Europe and the UK. 

EIDAG officials encourage horse owners to continue to use stringent biosecurity measures to minimize the risk of the spread of disease. 

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