There are bid thieves every year during Championship Week.

But what we saw on a wild and wooly Saturday was another level of larceny. This was Butch Cassidy and Bonnie and Clyde and Danny Ocean teaming up for one last impossible heist. Consider:

Georgetown (Big East) and Oregon State (Pac-12) were both picked last in their respective preseason polls. The Hoyas finished the regular season 9-12. The Beavers were a bit more successful from a record standpoint at 14-12, but the program had never won a Pac-12 tournament title. Neither team was anywhere near the NCAA Tournament discussion as recently as Thursday.

Both are dancing after claiming automatic bids. Incredible.

Successful robberies in D.C. and Corvallis mean victims elsewhere. And in our view, Georgetown and Oregon State knocked out Colorado State and Drake.



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