Michael Bloomberg is reportedly trying to convince entreprenuer and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang to join his campaign as his running mate. 

According to individuals with knowledge of the discussion, aides working with the former New York City mayor reportedly reached out to Mr Yang to discuss how the businessmen could join forces in Mr Bloomberg’s quest for the Democratic nomination. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mr Yang hasn’t committed to join forces. Mr Yang dropped out of the race earlier in February. 

A spokesperson for Mr Bloomberg’s campaign said Mr Yang wasn’t seriously being considered for the former mayor’s running mate. 

Before dropping out, Mr Yang consistently ranked in the top 10 of the Democratic candidates in polls and had a small but passionate following online known as the “Yang Gang.” 

Mr Yang was best known for his “Freedom Dividend,” a type of universal basic income that would give Americans 12,000 a year to offset the growing threat of job losses due to automation.



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