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Blood Brothers: Malcolm X And Muhammad Ali: 6 Things We Learned From The Netflix Documentary

Malcolm X’s Split From The Nation Of Islam Irrevocably Damaged His Friendship With Muhammad Ali

Throughout the early 1960s, the relationship between Malcolm X and the Messenger of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, soured, and after a series of incidents, Malcolm was banished from the organization. This exile affected every aspect of Malcolm’s life, including his friendship with Muhammad Ali, who sided with the Nation of Islam instead of the man who had been his brother the past few years.

Following Malcolm X’s departure from the Nation of Islam, Muhammad Ali became one of his most vocal opponents, so much so that it seemed like they were never close friends at all. Malcolm, who was going through a change and becoming less radical at the time, attempted to keep the peace in various television and newspaper interviews, but he became a marked man by turning against Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, no matter how hard he tried to argue for peace.


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