Blackhawks to enter mediation for lawsuits with Kyle Beach, John Doe 2

The Chicago Blackhawks and attorneys representing Kyle Beach and John Doe 2 have agreed to engage in non-binding mediation next month in an attempt to settle the two lawsuits filed against the team. Lawyers for the Blackhawks and for Beach and John Doe 2 released a joint statement Tuesday outlining the process.

“We are working together to achieve a fair resolution of both cases outside of the litigation process,” they said in a statement to The Athletic. “To that end, we have agreed to enter mediation with a mutually agreed-upon third-party mediator, commencing on December 15th, and will engage in good faith efforts to resolve these matters.”

The sides will meet in front of a neutral mediator, and “after this mediation a second mediation with John Doe 2 case is possible” said Susan E. Loggans, who is representing Beach and John Doe 2 in the case.

The two lawsuits were filed against the team in May for its alleged handling of sexual assault allegations against former video coach Brad Aldrich. Beach, a former Blackhawks player, said he was sexually assaulted by Aldrich weeks after being called up to the team in 2010.

Aldrich was a volunteer coach at Houghton (Mich.) High when John Doe 2 was assaulted in 2013. Aldrich was charged with criminal sexual assault for the incident with John Doe 2. He pled guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual assault and was sentenced to nine months in jail and given five years probation.

(Photo: Raymond Boyd / Getty Images)


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