Black Friday microscope deal saves you $60 on this Swift microscope

Here is one of the best Black Friday microscope deals for a child who is a budding biologist or can’t get enough of nature. Microscopes can be a great way to engage them even further, with a zoomed-in look at just how fascinating even the most basic flower petal or speck of moss can be. 

This Black Friday microscope deal on the Swift Binocular Compound Microscope will save you $60 at Amazon on an advanced piece of STEM equipment. And it comes with a 1.3-megapixel eyepiece camera to snap photos of your beautiful specimens. Unlike lower-power stereo microscopes, high-power compound microscopes like this one are built for viewing translucent objects such as the itty-bitty cells inside a plant leaf or even bacteria. And this one is perfect for beginners who are graduating from a stereo microscope. The microscope comes equipped with a monocular viewing head with LED and mirror illumination, for bright and long-lasting light. Plus, the built-in color filter wheel ensures your child sees an optimal, and true-to-life, image. 


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