Josh Allen spun the football Sunday like Shakespeare wielded a quill, artistically and masterfully feathering passes deep and short and across the middle and down the sidelines, to receivers, running backs and tight ends.

With 13 minutes left in the first half, Allen had completed passes to seven targets. By the time he connected with an eighth, the Buffalo Bills were ahead 21-0 and in the red zone, about to embarrass the New York Jets some more.

Variety, accuracy and the Bills’ overall crispness were drowning the Jets’ alleged strength: Gregg Williams’ aggressive-minded defense. Allen also had run effectively, scrambling some but mostly on plays that asked him to tuck and dash.

Allen escaped. Allen dodged. Allen parried. Jets defenders looked foolish.

Buffalo’s offense rarely had looked so entertaining.

And yet it grew harrowing to watch Allen run as the second quarter wore on.

About 10 minutes into the…



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