Billionaire Superyacht Toys: The 10 Coolest Toys And Tenders For 2022

Every year I am excited to compile my favorite superyacht toys that will be offered up at the Monaco Yacht Show where thousands of yacht fans descend on Port Hercules to see the most exciting new yachts and toys as well as more than 300 exhibitors.

With a wide selection of submarines, toys, and futuristic tenders available to purchase, captains and yacht owners continue to explore new ways to entertain their families and guests while on board. Please enjoy my list of the coolest (and often outrageous) toys and tenders for 2022.

U-Boat Worx Nemo Submarine ($1.2 million)

At only 5,510 lbs, the NEMO is the lightest manned submersible in the world. With its low profile, the submarine stands only 5 feet above the deck. It will fit on a wide variety of yachts, and because of its low weight, it can even be towed behind a car. The NEMO is so small it requires less storage space than two jet skis.

Project Neptune/Aston Martin Submersible ($4 million)

Triton submarine designers created a submersible that dives as an Aston Martin drives. They worked with Aston Martin to develop a propulsion system that Triton submersibles are famous for while adding the performance offered by Aston Martin. Project Neptune features four times the power-to-weight ratio of Triton’s flagship Professional-level submersible.

Unlike typical Triton submersibles, which use a neutral, flat dive attitude, Project Neptune has been engineered to tilt as it dives and carve smooth, sweeping arcs as it turns, echoing Aston Martin’s sports cars.

FunAir Floating Yacht Golf

The FunAir floating Yacht Golf green is the ideal target for playing golf from your superyacht. Perfect for all ages, the Yacht Golf comes with a golf pole and flag, and the greens can be designed in the shape of any of your favorite putting greens. It also comes with the marine-friendly Albus Golf ECOBIOBALL. These eco-friendly golf balls are made from fish food and will dissolve completely in just a few days. FunAir also offers the ultimate Beach Club package, including ten inflatable FunAir Wave Loungers, an inflatable daybed, a barbecue, speakers, and Floating Golf Green.

Awake RÄVIK Electric Surfboard ($7,900)

Awake’s signature creation–the RÄVIK–is an electric surfboard that adds excitement and thrills regardless of the rider’s experience. It is easily controlled via their mobile app with a top speed of 34 mph and four different power settings.

Old Town Sportsman Autopilot Kayak ($3,999)

This advanced sports kayak uses a 12V Minn Kota propellor motor, eliminating the need for paddling and utilizing foot steering for the ultimate fishing experience. The Kota’s Spot-Lock technology, activated using the i-Pilot Bluetooth connected remote, automatically keeps the kayak steady in position, regardless of wind or current, to make a yacht fishing trip enjoyable for your guests.

iAQUA SeaDart Max Underwater Scooter ($7,999)

The iAQUA dive scooter can be used on top and underwater. With a top speed of 13 mph, it is able to reach depths of 100 feet and last for 80 minutes. Made entirely of carbon from sports car construction, it is lighter and crack-resistant.

Waydoo Flyer e-Foil ($7,399)

The Waydoo Flyer ONE’s 6,000W motor can propel it at speeds of up to 25 mph, and the company boasts a ride time of 55-85 minutes. Once the waterproof battery runs out, it can be removed and recharged in two hours. A handheld wireless controller with a trigger throttle allows the rider to control their speed. The bodyweight movements of the operator maintain the balance.

Red Ride XL Paddleboard ($4,700)

A giant multi-person board over five meters long and 16 feet wide, the Ride XL paddleboard can carry up to eight people. With an inbuilt sturdy iFin system, the board is resistant to damage and is the perfect vessel to explore quiet coves from your yacht. With several air valves, you can get your guests out on the water fast.

Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Electric Tender ($342,000)

Candela’s latest 28-foot hydrofoil electric tender, the C-8, is the first electric day cruiser with long-range at high speeds and will reach top speeds of 35 mph and exceed 50 nautical miles. With 80% less energy consumption thanks to its hydro foiling technology, Candela C-POD direct-drive pod motor will allow it to cruise for a range of 50 nautical miles on battery power at a speed of 25 mph. The tender features a large cockpit, seating for eight passengers, a sunbed, and a front cabin that can sleep two adults and two children.

CECLO Electric Hybrid Catamaran ($19,999)

Ceclos are luxury electric pedal boats designed for exercise and relaxation for those quiet escapes away from the yacht. Utilizing a pedal system that is electrically assisted helps you move faster and travel farther while experiencing complete silence—great fun for exploring hidden coves and beaches while anchored.


Nouvoyage Amphibian Tender ($2 million)

The world’s first amphibious limousine currently in development can reach 35 mph on the water and land. This stunning Limousine Tender is developed strictly for superyacht owners. The tender offers simple and reliable drivelines, better fuel efficiency, open water classification, climate-controlled spaces, convertible roofs and windows, luxury interiors, and a restroom on board for the ultimate bragging rights.


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