The Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, on Sunday
The Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, on Sunday(AP)

As Donald Trump defied US government guidelines with an indoor campaign event on Sunday, Republicans blamed Joe Biden for the country’s coronavirus response as deaths surpassed the 194,000 mark.

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said the Democratic presidential nominee could not “run from his disastrous record responding to the coronavirus”, despite Mr Trump having downplayed the threat coronavorus posed to the American public earlier this year.

Mr Biden, who argued he was not briefed nor nominated as Mr Trump’s election opponent at that time – was set to launch a large-scale advertising campaign targeting all NFL games until the election in 50 days time.

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Trump slips-up, says Biden won Nobel prize

Speaking at his campaign event on Sunday, president Donald Trump mistakenly awarded two prizes – one to himself, and the other to his election rival Joe Biden.

After claiming that a 2016 endorsement from Floridan Cubans was in-fact a “highly-honoured Bay of Pigs Award”, the president appeared to confuse the Democratic presidential nominee for former president Barack Obama.

Boasting about two Nobel Peace Prize nominations during a campaign rally, Mr Trump told the crowd: “They nominated your president twice last week, for two different subjects, for a Nobel prize – but the fake news media didn’t cover it.”

He continued, saying “Biden got it”, before pausing and correcting himself, adding: “Remember when our great president Barack Hussein Obama, he got it.”

That refereed to Mr Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for international cooperation and diplomacy.

A far right Norwegian politician told Fox News last week that he nominated Mr Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize because he “has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees”.

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Biden to discuss climate crisis as Trump visits California 

As president Donald Trump heads to California on Monday, where wildfires have ravaged entire neighbourhoods and at least 35 people have died, Joe Biden is expected to declare the climate crisis one of the biggest issues facing the United States.

According to his campaign, both the environment and the coronavirus pandemic are set to become major focus points for his election effort, with just 50 days to go until the election.

“Vice President Biden will discuss the threat that extreme weather events pose to Americans everywhere, how they are both caused by and underscore the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis,” his campaign said in a statement on Sunday. 

A spate of deadly and destructive wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington have destroyed thousands of homes and a handful of small towns across 4 million acres and more, following record-breaking temperatures in August.  

Mr Trump, who pulled the United States out of the Paris accord on climate change because he found it too costly, has blamed poor forest management by Democratic leaders for the fires that are raging around the West Coast.

Mr Biden is set to remind voters of the president’s record on the environment and the Paris accord, when he addresses the issue this week.

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Biden continues to lead in polls

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden continued to lead Donald Trump in nearly every national and swing state poll over the last two weeks as the president’s record on the coronavirus pandemic was thrown back into the spotlight.

The former vice president led the incumbent by an average of 7.5 percentage points in 11 national polls conducted between 28 August and 12 September, RealClearPolitics found.

But Mr Biden – despite unprecedented levels of unemployment amid the coronavirus pandemic – still showed vulnerabilities on the economy, as Mr Trump pitches a “great American comeback”.

That includes voters in Arizona, where 64 per cent of Trump voters have expressed concerns about Mr Biden’s handling of the economy, compared to 27 per cent who said his response to policing and protests was most concerning.

Griffin Connolly reports: 

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Biden stronger on military support, says poll

The Democratic presidential nominee was said to have more respect for the US military than his election rival, Donald Trump, in a recent poll. 

61 per cent of voters told ABC News/Ipsos that Mr Biden had more respect for the military than Mr Trump, whilst 37 per cent said the Republican. 

The poll was carried out following an Atlantic report detailing Mr Trump’s allegedly disparaging comments about fallen US soldiers in France in 2018, who were labelled “losers” and “suckers”. 

The US president denied those reports.

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Biden campaign targets NFL 

As a new NFL season got underway this weekend, Joe Biden’s campaign announced plans to dominate the airwaves until election day, with a spokesperson telling NPR that the Democrat will run at least one ad nationally during each NFL game between now and 3 November. 

The ad-buys come amid reports that Mr Biden was closing-in on Donald Trump’s campaign cash advantage, with the president rumoured to be supporting his campaign with $100 million of his own funds.

“I’ve never seen that before in a presidential race,” said John Link, an analyst at Advertising Analytics. “That is the first time we’ve seen something of that magnitude.”

He told NPR that prime-time slots such as those brought by Mr Biden, can cost up to $25 million.

Still, the NFL’s first weekend was marked by widespread social justice activism as a lack of fan interest led to a near-record ratings collapse.

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RNC chair criticises Biden over coronavirus

As the United States’ pandemic death toll edges towards 200,000, Republican party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went on the attack…by saying that Joe Biden  – not the US president – had a “disastrous record responding to the coronavirus.”

Mr Biden, who was not briefed – nor nominated as the Democratic presidential nominee at the start of the year – had earlier come under criticism from ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, who said the former vice president “didn’t explicitly call for travel bans, social distancing or wearing masks”.

Democratic strategist and commentator, Symone Sanders, responded that Mr Biden “was not being briefed” in January and February.

Those comments come after revelations last week revealed how president Trump told reporter Bob Woodward  in private that coronavirus was worse than seasonal flu, but that he “wanted to play it down” to the American public. 

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