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Stealth games have become all the rage, especially as games have developed over time. The idea of sneaking around and taking out hostiles from the shadows is a gameplay loop that never ceases to be tiring, with many modern games adding stealth mechanics to make their gameplay seem more fleshed out and engaging.

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Landing a stealth attack is almost always one of the most satisfying things to pull off in any video game. Sneaking up behind an enemy is easier said than done, especially when said enemy is in a group that can spot the player at any time during their stealthy activities. Some games understand just how important this moment is, and make their stealth attacks all the more visceral and fun to trigger. The best games that nail stealth attacks in their games are mentioned below.


10 Stabbing An Orc (Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor/War)

Both Shadow of Mordor and its sequel are brutal games with visceral combat. The manner in which Talion stabs and slices through the hordes of orcs in this game never ceases to be tiring.

Stealth is also a blast in this game, with each stealth kill being pretty brutal indeed. Players can also use powers to warp around and kill multiple enemies without making any sound too!

9 Hunting Down Goons In A Predator Encounter (Batman: Arkham Series)

The Predator encounters in the Batman: Arkham series are the stuff of legends. The AI of the enemies during these segments is pretty great, getting more and more scared as Batman slowly hunts all of them down.

It helps that the guns used by the AI can easily take down Batman in a few shots. As a result, Batman needs to be wary and use everything from perches to vents so that he takes down opponents without being seen.

8 Using The Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed Series)

The Hidden Blade is one of the most iconic weapons used in Assassin’s Creed. The cool manner in which players can stab targets without even revealing their weapon is what makes the Hidden Blade so fun to use.

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It’s a shame that the prominence of this weapon has decreased in the modern Assassin’s Creed installments. However, the moments when players get access to this weapon are still great and make each stealth kill all the more engaging.

7 Punching Or Stabbing People With Style (Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided)

The prequels to the legendary Deus Ex have been pretty great in their own right. Players love roaming around vast areas with brilliant interconnected level design that makes every enemy encounter a breeze to get through.

Players can also use their energy to unleash takedowns (non-lethal or otherwise) that are followed up by a pretty cool cinematic. It never gets tiring, with the act of punching or slicing up enemies feeling pretty engaging almost all the time.

6 Stabbing Someone Then Throwing A Knife At Another Enemy Right After (Far Cry Series)

The Far Cry series saw a massive shift since the third entry, which is considered by many to be one of the best games in the series to this day. The gameplay of the series was improved dramatically, especially when it came to the stealth in these games.

Sneaking around and defeating enemies in the game is a blast, with the player attaining extra rewards for the same too! The best stealth kill that players can unlock in the game is actually an addition of sorts, with players being able to follow up one stealth kill with a throwing knife that can hit an enemy in close vicinity.

5 Backstabbing Enemies (Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is one of the most underrated immersive sims around. The combat in this game is a blast, and kicking enemies around into traps or ravines is pretty engaging as well!

Players can also adopt a stealth playstyle in this game, with players being able to backstab enemies if they equip a pair of powerful daggers. However, the game wasn’t really built with a stealth focus in mind, so certain encounters in the game become really challenging for enemies that didn’t prioritize build suited for all-out combat.

4 Killing Someone With The Fiber Wire (Hitman Series)

The Fiber Wire is one of the most iconic weapons in a game. Controlling Agent 47 and choking enemies out with this wire is almost always fun.

It’s a simple yet brutal way to finish off an unaware enemy or target. Watching these victims gasp for air before succumbing to this attack is pretty visceral, and makes it evident why the Fiber Wire is such an effective and iconic weapon.

3 Using Tech Kill Or Distract Enemies (Watch Dogs Series)

Watchdogs is a series that might not have started out on the best note, but the series has become quite engaging to play through over time. Watchdogs 2 was easily the best game of the bunch, addressing many of the issues people had with its predecessor.

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Technology plays an even bigger role in this game. Players can use everything from drones to cameras to throw enemies off, using well-times hacks to incapacitate enemies without even being in the immediate vicinity!

2 Using Special Powers To Quietly Take Enemies Down (Dishonored Series)

The Dishonored games are pretty great stealth-action titles that are a blast to play through. However, the first game did sabotage its own fun factor with certain puzzling mechanics that changed the ending of the game for the worse if players killed enemies without a care in the world.

It’s the most puzzling part of the game, especially since most of the best powers in the game are of the lethal variety. The second game improves upon this dated concept and lets players stealthily take care of enemies with a slew of amazing powers that are a blast to play around with.

1 Landing The Perfect Long-Range Kill (Sniper Elite Series)

The Sniper Elite series is mainly known for its cinematic long-range kills that players can pull off with a sniper rifle. It’s easily one of the most engaging parts of the entire game.

Unleashing a devastating shot that completely obliterates the innards of an enemy is a blast to pull off time and time again. Players who love making such long-range shots should definitely give this series a shot for its satisfying gameplay loop.

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