Best shoes for Peloton 2021: Get a great workout with these cycling shoes

The best shoes for Peloton are vital for making the most of your brand new exercise bike. Peloton has become a household name in the last few years, with many of us hopping on the spinning trend and buying a Peloton bike in order to keep up our motivation. 

What the expert says

Sam Yarwood, a strength and conditioning coach, plus a keen cyclist, told Live Science that there are different types of cleats and pedals: “For indoor riding, they’ll be shoes that will be compatible with the Delta cleats and pedals – which have three holes, or the Shimano SPD cleats and pedals – which have two holes.”

However, what are the best shoes for a Peloton bike? Do you have to stick with the brand’s own shoes, or can you pick different ones to suit your needs and tastes?


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