As smooth as a baby’s bottom show the saying goes… But if nappy rash sets in that smoothness can be replaced by sore, red or spotty skin.

According to the NHS, up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies have nappy rash at any one time.

It’s usually caused by contact with moisture (yep, wee or poo) that softens and weakens the outer layer of the skin, leading to become irritated as the nappy rubs against the area. It’s less common in newborn babies, but can often develop a few months in.

It can be kept at bay by changing nappies regularly, but the best nappy rash creams will help to support your baby’s skin by delivering a protective layer to keep moisture out.

Whether you prefer all-natural and organic, pots or tubes, or multitasking marvels, we’ve rounded up the best nappy rash creams below. After all, a comfy baby is a happy baby…

Best nappy rash cream

1. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream

This miracle-worker is in the baby bag of almost every new mum.

It has a water-repellant base that forms a protective barrier, preventing irritants, like urine, coming into contact with the skin.

It helps soothe sore, inflamed skin with its antifungal and antibacterial properties, like Benzyl alcohol to ease pain and irritation and hypoallergenic lanolin.

It can be used for calming all sorts of cuts, grazes, burns and bites so is an excellent product to have on-hand. It’s a little white and thick but it certainly does the trick.

Price: £8.08, Amazon – buy here now

2. Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Cream

This is a go-to for thousands of mums thanks to its gentle care and soothing properties.

The deeply-nourishing formula boasts skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide provides a protective barrier against excessive moisture.  Extra smoothing and softening ingredients include organic almond oil and calendula, as well as soothing chamomile.

Price: £5.40, Amazon – buy here now

3. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

An Amazon bestseller, this nappy rash cream tube has busy mums in mind with an easy-to-apply flip-top.

It works to both protect and heal your baby’s bottom with a transparent layer that seals in moisture.  Pro vitamin B5, meanwhile, helps the skin repair its natural protective barrier from nappy rash and leaves skin moisturised and hydrated.

Free from nasties like colours, fragrances and preservatives, it’s ideal for sensitive skin and can be used at every change.

Price: £6, Amazon – buy here now

4. Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Diaper Ointment

Keep nappy rash at bay with this lovely all-natural product perfect for baby’s soft skin.

Vitamin E nourishes while zinc oxide and beeswax create a natural barrier to keep moisture out.

Enriched further with protein and vitamin D-rich sweet almond oil, it soothes and relieves sore bottoms, making them smooth again.

Price: £6.62, Amazon – buy here now

5. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment

If you’re on a tight budget, this nappy rash cream is ideal.

It’s suitable from birth, and you only need to use a pea-sized amount for each change.

The formula relieves irritation and redness, and is lanolin and fragrance-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: £3.86, Amazon – buy here now

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6. Waitrose Mini Baby Bottom Butter

An excellent nappy rash cream that you can easily add to basket as you’re doing the weekly grocery shop.

The gentle formula has been designed to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including eczema-prone skin, and is free from SLS and parabens. It’s also suitable for vegans, giving it wider appeal.

You might be surprised to know that this has at points also been Waitrose’s bestselling skincare product thanks to a host of mums discovering it also makes a rather brilliant facial moisturiser. Yes, really.

Price: £3.20, Waitrose – buy here now

7. Organic Babies Calming Nappy Cream

A real fan favourite, this 100% natural nappy rash cream repels water to protect against dampness.

Thanks to soothing zinc oxide and omegas 3 and 6, it gently protects and restores the nappy area, soothing and relieving redness.

With 99% certified organic agricultural ingredients, it’s suitable for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

It’s quite pricey, but a little goes a long way.

Price: £9.62, Amazon – buy here now

8. Childs Farm Baby Nappy Cream

Some nappy rash creams can be quite thick, like the Sudocrem or Bepanthen, but this is a light formula more like a lotion – so it’s purely personal preference on what kind of texture you like.

This is a fragrance-free formula that’s suitable for eczema-prone skin, and can also be used on adults, so is a handy all-rounder.

Thanks to organic aloe vera and cocoa butter, it ensures skin cells are soothed, plump and moisturised. And the handy flip-top tube is easy to use and travels well in your changing bag.

Price: £3.99, Boots – buy here now



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