'Before I am dead!’ Elon Musk sets ambitions on 'off-planet Tesla factory' on Mars

The CEO and Chief Engineer at SpaceX and CEO of Tesla has set his sights on the Red Planet for some time, but now the entrepreneur has given himself a deadline. Mr Musk, 50, has previously stated he plans on sending humans to Mars and now he intends on building car manufacturing stations on the distant planet.

Speaking at a Tesla shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas, Mr Musk stated an “off-planet factory” may happen within his lifetime when a shareholder asked when the seemingly impossible feat could be expected.

“So, we are many years before Tesla’s first off-planet factory,” he said, Fox Business reported.

“I mean, I would like to see one before I am dead.

“That would be cool.

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In February this year, Mr Musk revealed plans to put people on Mars by 2026.

His ambitious plan is seven years before NASA intends on sending astronauts to the planet.

The entrepreneur has stated that once SpaceX sends humans to Mars, as many as one million people will be able to live on the Red Planet as soon as 2050.

The plans include creating ‘glass domes’ on the harsh planet in order to make it habitable for humans.

However, Tesla’s manufacturing currently remains Earthbound and has several manufacturing facilities – Fremont, California, Sparks, Nevada, Buffalo, New York (focused on solar energy) and Shanghai, China.

The company is in the process of building two more in Germany and Texas.


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