Bag 4 Brita replacement filters for just $18 right now – CNET



A water filter pitcher
is only as good as the actual filter that’s inside. It can be a nuisance to remember to replace them but that nuisance is almost completely washed away when you stock up on replacement filters. Right now on Amazon and Target, a four-pack of standard Brita filters is just $18. That’s $3 off the normal price for a pack of four ($4.50 per filter). 

Actual Brita pitchers are on sale at Amazon too including $7 off an 18-cup dispenser that doesn’t require constant refilling.

Amazon Prime members get free and speedy shipping too. Target requires a $35 spend for free shipping.

Don’t have a water filter pitcher but looking for recommendations? We tested to find the best water filters in 2022. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t Brita, although the OG filter brand fared pretty well in our testing.


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