Australia politics live update: Morrison to introduce religious discrimination bill; Victoria records 1,254 new Covid cases

The bill is about creating a bigger space for everyone in our national lives. to be themselves, who they believe what they believe, free of discrimination, coercion and judgement.

That is our Australian way and always has been so.

The bill recognises that religious bodies religious schools must be free to uphold the tenets of their faith, and the ethos that makes this school, a community and is a recognition of the sacrifices parents make to educate their children in accordance with their values and beliefs, and the choices they have made for their children’s education.

As many schools schools have said throughout this process, faith is caught not taught.

The bill protects the fundamental right for religious schools to hire religious staff to maintain their religious ethos in accordance with a publicly available policy.

This protection will be able to override state or territory laws which seeks to interfere with that right.

…Nothing in this bill, I stress, Mr Speaker, nothing in this bill allows for any form of discrimination against a student on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity. You won’t find anything of that nature in this bill. Such discrimination has no place in our education system.


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